Allanha Silvermoon


Allanha stands 5’3” tall, with a slender build. Light blonde, almost silvery hair flows to the middle of her back, and her alabaster skin and emerald green eyes make her stand out as a striking beauty in any crowd. (Appearance 4)

Allanha can not walk. While the party has confirmed repeatedly through use of magic that there is nothing physically wrong with her legs – she seems to have some kind of mental block keeping her from walking.

Still a little scattered, Allanha frequently talks to herself in a sort of low, indiscernable mumble. When asked about it, she seems not to even realize she was doing it. Additionally, her thoughts seem to just randomly shift subjects sometimes in mid-conversation – wildly spinning off to some completely unrelated subject as if the previous conversation had never occurred.


Twin sister of Alodar Silvermoon

Allanha was captured by the Coven of the Black Rose, as part of Tybald Eckhardt’s party. While it is still unclear what exactly happened to her during her captivity, whatever it was made a substantial impact on her psyche.

Despite her emotional and mental problems, Allanha is a competent artificer – who seems to have some kind of innate ability with golems. During the reconstruction of the school, she has been able to reassemble the school’s guard golems, and even return one of them to working order.

Allanha Silvermoon

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