Alodar Silvermoon


Alodar stands 5’3” tall, with a lithe and lightly muscled build. Light blonde, almost silvery hair falls to his shoulders – naturally straight, and usually pulled back into a loose elven knot. His alabaster skin and bright emerald green eyes make him stand out as a striking figure in any crowd. (Appearance 4)

His sister, Allanha Silvermoon, is his primary focus. Unless he is specifically sent out on some kind of mission, he is rarely found away from her side – seeming intent on just being nearby. He wears his bow and sword at all times (even taking them to bed with him) – and is a vigilant watchman as well as a highly skilled archer.

As Allanha can’t walk – Alodar has taken to carrying her on his back. He seems to have a nearly endless supply of stamina for this particular task – though it takes its toll on his other activities. He is often somewhat listless and tired, despite his watchful gaze.


Twin brother of Allanha Silvermoon

Alodar Silvermoon

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