Angelique Idaria


A curvacious and graceful woman in her mid-30’s, Angelique has the poise of a trained performer. Her smile is gracious and genuine, and her laughter hints at the faintest sound of windchimes.

At 5’6” tall, with neatly brushed, perfectly tied red-brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, Angelique is aging like fine wine. Whether on or off stage, she has a presence which captivates the attention of those around her, regardless of gender – and most people find her inexplicably easy to like, and to trust.

Regardless of being a professor, Angelique almost never wears the Therian Academy uniform (the exception being during travel, when the armor serves her). Instead, she prefers tasteful, colorful clothing which leaves just enough of her figure visible to taunt the imagination without ever crossing the line into immodesty.


Titles: Professor, Bard-Mistress

Angelique’s name is somewhat famous among the upper eschelons of society within the kingdom, and though she is not known for huge shows, any hint of a public performance is certain to draw any local nobility, as well as the educated and wealthy upper-middle-class. She is specifically well-known for her expertise with a harp and her ability to recite seemingly any requested song from memory at a whim.

Not the first professor to leave the school in search of missing students but far from the last, Professor Idaria, as mid-rung faculty, left the school in early November. According to her, she spent several weeks tracking down a group of students who had gone to the Jangolode Mine, several days to the West of the school. She was captured there by Erdyyl and held prisoner (though treated humanely) for some time.

She was able to help the party find her by using her communication ring (which she somehow smuggled into the caverns with her via slight-of-hand) to reach Hezia Eddings – who in turn used a series of illusionary effects to put Idaria in contact the PCs.

Angelique has taken a vested interest in the rebuilding of the school – even after it has been reformed into the Therian Company. This interest is, primarily, in the wellbeing of the people – who she spends all of her time with. Her ability to boost morale and her genuine concern with the individuals within the community have made her very popular among the townsfolk and the other membership alike.

Known Powers:
  • Inspiration through the use of music.
  • Various bardic magical effects:
    • Her music has allowed horses to walk atop the snow, as if weightless
    • She can create a wide variety of illusory effects, often tied to the theme of the music being played

Angelique Idaria

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