Dastyl Gondyyr


Dastyl stands at 5’6” tall, with long, straight, neatly-combed dark brown hair that seems to reflect reddish in direct light. Thin and wiry, he usually favors the thick, flowing robes of a magus – and keeps a dark-colored backpack close at all times. He carries no obvious weapons – but carries himself with a strangely disquieting confidence that tends to make people who don’t know him personally somewhat nervous.

He is known throughout the school as overbearing, cocky and sure of himself, but highly competent – and somewhat dangerous.

During downtime, Dastyl is often seen reading one of the several thick tomes which his backpack contains.


Dastyl seems very inwardly focused. While this is not necessarily outside his normal character, his companions seem concerned – or maybe nervous, and often try (with seemingly little success) to get him to talk whenever he starts to brood.

He and Tybald Eckhardt seem to have become close friends.


Known to be a fire-magus of considerable talent, the combination of his deadly magical power and constantly surly attitude have made Dastyl very unpopular among his peers – whose reactions range from spite or annoyance to outright fear and avoidance.

He has demonstrated considerable general knowledge with regards to magic of various kinds, and has proven an ability to cast a variety of non-fire related spells. Other than Tybald Eckhardt, the only person Dastyl has ever been even remotely civil to was Clarence Darling – who he deigned to teach the proper methods of scroll usage to.

The one and only time the PCs have ever seen Dastyl use his magic aggressively, it seemed to consume him – and it took Tybald Eckhardt literally clubbing him with a hammer to stop his onslaught of seemingly endless fireballs.

Known magical abilities:

  • Control over flames, including the ability to summon fire – with seemingly no limit.
  • Supernatural healing at an incredible rate.
  • Standard spells such as “Identify” “Detect Magic” and so on.

Dastyl Gondyyr

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