Davis & Weiss

Trackers for the Astrakhan Fighter's Guild



5’8” tall, with a lithe build. Wears a suit of worn, light brown leather armor which looks hand-crafted.

He carries a pair of longswords – one on his left hip, and one on his back, as well as a longbow and a full quiver of arrows.

Davis seems to be the voice-man for the partnership, though he often looks to Weiss as if asking questions – which are usually responded to with a simple nod or grunt.


6’4” tall, with a broad, muscular build. Wears a suit of thick, dark-brown leathers, which are frayed at the edges – seemingly from a good deal of use. His armor also bears obvious weapon-scars, from multiple blade strikes.

He carries 2 longswords, a greatsword and a series of throwing daggers – as well as a large hammer, which hangs from a loop on his backpack’s right side.

Weiss seems to be the muscle for the partnership, though Davis seems to look to him for advice, or at least acquiescence, for important decisions. It is unclear whether or not he can speak.


Very competent trackers, these two are freelancers who are contactable through the Astrakhan Fighter’s Guild. They are not cheap (charging at least 50g for a half-day’s work, and assumably more if there is significant risk of danger).

The partners helped a group of (now missing) students track a “large bird” through the plains, and later helped the PCs to find those tracks as well.

Davis & Weiss

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