Deidrick Barrister

Headmaster and founder of the Therian Academy


The party has never seen this NPC face-to-face.


Titles: Headmaster, Professor

Deidrick is the Headmaster of the Therian Academy, and all sources point to the idea that he has held that role since he founded the school roughly 150 years ago.

He appears to be a close friend, or perhaps more, of (RIP) Triana Everglade and is the adopted father of (RIP) Ivy Barrister. (RIP) Erdyyl Darkorian, of The Black Rose Coven, has indicated to the party that he is being held by that organization for an undisclosed reason, but also that he is still alive – though how long he will remain so appears to be in question.


Ellithen’s Tower, A History (by Franklin DuBois)

Deidrick Barrister

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