Denise Sinclaire

Head of the Welcoming Committee at the Therian Academy


A very attractive human female in her mid-20’s. Denise stands 5’7” tall, with wavy blonde hair which falls to just below her shoulders. Always impeccably clean and presentable.

Usually dressed in official school uniform and carrying a nicely crafted lute in a case on her back or at her side. When armed, she favors a rapier.


Older sister of Madison Sinclaire

Head of the welcome committee, Denise was left in charge de facto when the other students and faculty members failed to show up at the Therian Academy at the beginning of the current school year. She had stayed behind to prepare for the new first-year students’ arrivals.

She is a well-known figure within the school, both because of her official position, and also due to her skillful musical performances, primarily with a Lute voice accompaniment.

School paperwork lists her as “Minstrel” – which seems to be some kind of formal title or ranking.

Notable Events:

At Briarville, just before the orcs sacked it, she was separated from her party. Tybald Eckhardt and Dastyl Gondyyr report her having left the city to meet the PCs shortly before the orcs arrived, and presumed her dead.

She has since returned to the school, escorted by Torvald Kerrigan. She was apparently captured by the orcs, but managed to escape somehow (nobody has asked for details, and she hasn’t offered them) – and was found by Torvald, who was tracking the orcs.

Denise Sinclaire

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