Duar Lythaneon

An apparently high-level mage, residing at the mage's school in Sylaea.


Thin and slight of frame, Duar carries himself with a confidence which belies his many, many years. Light platinum hair hangs straight and unadorned to the middle of his back, and deep emerald eyes unwaveringly gaze at whatever his current interest might be.

Duar is usually seen wearing a white satin robe with golden trimmings around its edges, clearly made by an expert artisan specifically for him. He carries no weapons and does not seem to have a familiar.


One of the highest level mages of Sylaea, and apparently very well-connected with the other powerful sorcerers of the area. He is an obvious storehouse of arcane knowledge, and appears to be a direct associate of Content Not Found: diedrick-barrister.

Duar Lythaneon

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