Ellon Grath


Vivacious and highly sought-after, Ellon was once thought of as “the most beautiful girl in the Academy.” A stunningly beautiful woman, she stands 5’5” tall, with long, wavy, dark brown hair which cascades to mid-back, and is usually tied with a silky ribbon whose color perfectly matches her outfit of the day. She has bright green eyes which are so beautifully rich in color that there is speculation as to whether she may have some royal blood (a question she has long dismissed with a beautiful smile and a change of subject). (Appearance 5)

She is one of the school’s foremost students in the school of Enchantment, and is widely thought of as a future professor.


Quiet and brooding – her eyes were full of a deep and abiding malice, which never seemed to quite focus on anything in particular. Prone to occasional fits of hysterical screaming, she was nearly catatonic for several weeks.

Her significant distress prompted the party to finally perform a ritualistic mind-exploration, at the prompting of Isobel Ferrina and Percy.

The Ritual:

During the ritual, the party found what appeared to be some kind of entity within her mind – small and animalistic, it was unresponsive until the very end of the ritual. Her memories were shrivelled and broken – but through careful prompting, the party was able to move through them one at a time – experiencing bits and pieces of the young woman’s life – and trying to determine what had happened to her in the caves.

As the party began to explore the actual events of her capture and subsequent captivity, the ritual ended abruptly as she again fell into a violent fit of terrified screaming.


The day after the ritual, Ellon awoke – apparently refreshed and again healthy. She seems to remember nothing about her catatonic period, and has a newfound, deep-seeded confidence. Her presence in a room almost commands attention again – much as it did prior to her ordeal.


When Ellon was rescued, she was badly beaten, to the point of near-death. Her injuries were indicative of repeated, brutal rape and sexual torture – and her left cheekbone was crushed inward, consistent with a single blow of incredible force with a weapon of size equivalent to a sledge hammer.

The party cared for her as best they could, with Tybald healing her face as soon as his magical abilities permitted. Upon inspection by Percy and Isobel Ferrina she is thought to be “broken” and insane, or worse. When last seen she was nearly catatonic and almost entirely unresponsive.

Currently in the care of Isobel Ferrina at The Green Dragon in Astrakhan.

Ellon Grath

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