Duke Elton Engle

Secretary of Internal Affairs for the Kingdom of Algoria


A gracefully aging man, probably in his mid-50’s, with cinnamon-and-sugar white-speckled brown hair. He is always neatly shaven and sharply dressed, with bright green eyes and a slightly pointed nose which are a signature of his royal lineage (Estor Royal Line).


Titles: Duke, Lord, Secretary of Aldorian Internal Affairs

Percy and Tybald Eckhardt approached Duke Engle in their official capacity as nobles in order to try to get some help for the school, shortly after the attack. He promised to dispatch a squad of scouts to investigate, and had arranged a meeting with Percy for the following week in order to follow up. The party left town before this meeting, and no follow up has yet been made.

Note: He has been disdainfully described by Hezia Eddings as “useless,” though to-date, the party has not seen any direct evidence to back up this claim.

Duke Elton Engle

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