(RIP) Erdyyl Darkorian

One of the 7 members of the Coven of the Black Rose


Thin and neatly kept, he unabashedly wears the signature dark-purple robes of The Coven of the Black Rose. His long white hair is shoulder-length and straight, and tends to be pulled back into a loose, simple ponytail – keeping it out of his eyes.

His skin is dark blue, and he has blood-red eyes which seem to pierce right through whoever he is looking at. Though he has not been seen carrying any visible weapons, he has a deliberate, driven confidence which is imposing enough to intimidate regardless.


The second member of the Coven of the Black Rose that the party has come face-to-face with, Erdyyl has displayed significant levels of magical control – including:

  • Alteration of solid stone hallways, making them lead in circles or to specific destinations
  • Summoning and control over a demon of seemingly incredible power
  • The unexplained ability to “keep track of” the party and overhear their conversations via communication ring

The party made a deal with him which allowed them to free Angelique Idaria, (R.I.P) Derek Stone, (insert new PC name), and several others. For his part, he has agreed to try and free the rest of the students and faculty in captivity peacefully – although this promise does not seem to include Deidrick Barrister.

(RIP) Erdyyl Darkorian

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