Franklin DuBois


A frail-looking elderly man of at least 90. Franklin’s wispy snow-white hair is always neatly cut, but ranges in style from a haphazard swirl to a finger-combed explosion. A pair of thick, finely made spectacles hangs around his neck on a thin golden chain, and while his buttons may be uneven, one of his pockets hanging out, or his shoes on the wrong feet, all of his clothing is made from exquisite material, finely stitched, and expertly cared for. One might assume that while Mr. DuBois dresses himself, someone far less senile has filled his wardrobe.

Matching his constantly trembling limbs, Franklin’s ability to speak, walk and perhaps even think all seem a little shaky, though any amount of conversation indicates that he has a vast storehouse of knowledge on a variety of subjects.


Mr. DuBois owns and runs “Ellismere’s Books,” a small book store on the Northern end of Circle Road in Astrakhan. Inside the shop, the shelves contain at least 3,000 books of all different shapes, sizes, colors and languages. None of the books seem to be arranged according to any discernable order, though they are all well-cared for and in good condition. The shop itself, even, is very clean.

Franklin DuBois is well-respected in certain circles as a historian, and minor investigation will reveal that he has written over 100 books of historical research in his long career, covering a broad range of subjects, including:

Franklin DuBois

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