Hezia Eddings


A middle-aged gnome, standing just shy of 3’ tall. Hezia’s dark brown hair is usually pulled up into a little bun, and held in place with two thin pieces of wood. She wears a thin pair of round-lensed glasses, which hang from her neck on a thin gold chain when not in use. The rest of her clothing is neatly tailored, and fairly simple in appearance, with nicely matched colors, but no particular frills. The corners of her eyes and mouth are starting to show very fine wrinkles in such a way that it is clear she has done a lot of laughing in her life.


Title: Lady

Hezia owns and runs “Tiny Toys and Titillating Trinkets,” which is a small magic shop on South Road in Astrakhan. The shop is neat and orderly – and as it is entered, the visitor is greeted with a warm breeze, filled with the scent of the sea – and the sound of soft windchimes, tinkling a quiet melody. The air, the scent, the temperature and the sound of the shop are always perfect, and very soothing.

The shelves and cases are human-sized throughout. Each set of shelves has a rolling ladder attached to it with gnome-spaced steps.

Around the lefthand and rear walls of the shop’s interior is a set of conjoined glass display cases, which are full of glass shelves covered in a myriad of objects of various sizes. Everything from jewelry to statuettes to “gadgets” of various kinds fill these cases – so many that the shelves seem miraculous to hold the weight.

It was Hezia that first introduced the party to Franklin DuBois, who she refers to as “a dear friend and associate.”

Hezia Eddings

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