Isis Delaney


A middle-aged half-elven woman, Isis has wavy graying hair which is always a bit wild. Tending toward simple earth-tones in her clothing, she often wears leathers or simple cloth – well worked, but not ornate.


Title: Professor

Isis is a naturalist, herbalist and tracker – and during her years with the Therian Academy, she taught all of the above.

Rescued by the party as she was wandering through the woods, Delaney was malnourished and much worse for wear. The cold winter had been hard on her with little protection – and she has been very thankful to be back in the warm confines of the tower.

Delaney has taken up residency as a makeshift healer for the Therian Company and its constituent townsfolk – crafting healing salves and balms, and treating minor injuries. While she is no doctor, she is a competent apothecary, and is increasingly gaining the trust of those who she helps due to her careful, methodical approach and attention to details.

Isis Delaney

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