(RIP) Isobel Ferrina


A fairly average-looking human woman, Isobel has straight light brown hair and hazel eyes. She stands 5’6” tall, and prefers simple clothing, which she seems to regard mostly as an afterthought – spending little or no time on her appearance, with one exception: she always wears a headband.

Isobel’s demeanor is consistently calm and level, and her eyes are full of understanding and warmth – making her very easy to trust, as most people who meet her do. She has a gentle, careful way of moving which is matched by her even-paced and soothing voice. She truly seems as though there is nothing in the world which bothers her, or ever could.


No change.


Isobel is well-known at the school as a healer, and had just completed her 7th year of training at the time of the attacks. She was rescued by the party, along with the rest of Tybald Eckhardt’s party, and was instrumental in bringing them back to health.

As one of the few members of that group who seem to have maintained their sanity, she has taken on the role of protector, and has been looking after Allanha Silvermoon, Alodar Silvermoon and Ellon Grath at The Green Dragon Inn in Astrakhan.

(RIP) Isobel Ferrina

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