(RIP) Korlic


Standing at nearly 7’ tall and rippled with muscles, Korlic is an intimidating figure. His head bald, but chin favoring two small braids (one on each side), Korlic wears a set of thick furs which look hand-stiched with thick sinew thread. The fur itself is not recognizable as coming from any creatures native to this or any of the surrounding kingdoms.

Covering his muscular chest and back are tribalistic tattoos of various colors – all animal in nature (a bear’s claw, a raven’s head, a serpent, et cetera), with one exception: a circled seven-pointed star in the center of his chest. In his ears he wears a series of bone-earrings, including several large fangs, which are unaltered, and simply pushed through his skin. Around his neck he wears a skull necklace.

While he has a large knife on his hip, his primary weapon appears to be a long staff with a crystal at the top that appears to have a small animal skull embedded in it – the gem is held on with sinew.

Bear Form

Korlic stands nearly 6 feet at the shoulder when in bear form, and is almost 8 feet wide. His brow is furrowed with small horns, and he has two rows of jagged fangs, inset within one another.

His fur is a chocolate brown, and there are strange patterns which appear in white on his torso.


The first member of the Coven of the Black Rose that the party encountered face-to-face, Korlic’s zombies first weakened the PCs with a direct attack – doing considerable damage.

As the last party member (Shanris) struggled to remain conscious, Korlic appeared – and ended his struggling by simply saying “sleep…” When the party awoke, they were naked and beaten, nearly dead, and confined in a room of tiny cages.

Through teamwork and a not insignificant amount of luck, the party managed to free themselves – but in the process alerted Korlic to their attempt to escape. In a nearly catastrophic battle, they managed to kill him in bear-form, and escape.

Known Powers:

  • Transformation into various animals. Though they only witnessed the Dire Bear form, the party has reason to believe that Korlic could shift into a number of other creatures as well, including some kind of large land-bound bird.
  • Sleep, and presumably other standard wizard-style spells.
  • Control of the undead (though this may have come from his staff).

Note: This NPC was killed by the party.

(RIP) Korlic

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