Chief Kortok


At only 6’ tall, Chief Kortok is not particularly tall for an orc – nor is he as broad as one might expect for such a feared warrior. He wears black leather armor, on the front of which is affixed a series of silver metal plates, ringed with fur. On the chestplate is etched an ornate claw – reminiscent of a bear’s – the symbol of his tribe.

A symbol of strength, Chief Kortok carries with him a pair of broadswords (hand-and-a-half weapons) – one at each hip. Always nearby are his two must trusted bodyguards; a pair of immense trolls, one of whom carries a club the size of a sapling – and the other, an 8-foot great-maul which must weigh upwards of 50 pounds.


The leader of the Fur-Claw Tribe, Chief Kortok has taken his position through sheer force.

Several years ago, then-Chief Orgok lost a wager with a since-assassinated member of the Beehive Clan. Seeing this as “losing face” on a public scale, the then-virtually-unknown Kortok challenged Chief Orgok – publicly – to a duel for the Tribe’s honor, publicly ridiculing his inability to choose his battles wisely. As fate would have it, the accusation proved true – and after disembowelling Orgok before the rest of the tribe, Kortok resurrected a long-antiquated ritual of succession – The Blood Feast – in which the ascending Chief literally dines on the innards of his predecessor. This, too, was public – and he has not been challenged since.

It is widely known that the tooth-necklace which Chief Kortok wears is made from the teeth of Chief Orgok – torn out so that the “disgraced fallen” will be forced to starve eternally in the afterlife, unable to eat.

Chief Kortok

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