Nearly 8’ tall, Krek is large even for a troll. His skin is a greyish green, barely containing the ropy muscles his race is known for. As all trolls, he has a profound nose, slightly beady eyes and pointed ears.

Wearing a finely crafted studded leather chestguard and pants, his arms are left bare. Knee-high boots protect his feet – and a beautifully stitched silver fist is emblazoned in the centeer of his chestpiece – a proud display of his affiliation with the Silver-Fist Tribe. On his back, Krek wears an enormous greatsword – nearly 8’ in length – which he claims to have crafted himself. The blade bears a number of deep gashes and scars, showing clearly that it is for more than just display.


A seemingly unimportant guard within the Silver-Fist Tribe of humanoids, Krek appears to be an accomplished blacksmith. Able to speak common with some amount of fluency, he has befriended the party – and seems very interested in learning more about the humans and their culture.

Through various interactions, it has become clear that Krek has at least a rudimentary knowledge and appreciation of architecture and art, and claims to have studied with a human teacher somewhere in the Kingdom of Atamal.


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