Myar Ellithen


The party has never met this NPC face-to-face.


Titles: High-Wizard, Lord-Wizard, “Arch-Magus Myar Ellithen, Keeper of the Crystalline Seal”

The historical figure associated with the building of “The Tower of Ellithen. His journal, N’Tyene Tirion, indicates that over the course of the many years he inhabited the tower, he was able to move the Ley Lines of the area at the request of his lover, Nim Porm.

Pertinent Rumors (completely unsubstantiated):

  • The Therian Brotherhood killed him when they claimed the tower for their new base of operations.
  • Set across the sea after completing his work, to work with other lines of power.
  • Never left the tower, and, in fact, still resides somewhere in the basement for unknown reasons.
  • He is, in fact, Deidrick Barrister.

Reported Powers:

  • The ability to move Ley Lines through a series of incredibly complex and potent rituals.
  • Possible magical enslavement of “lesser” beings, such as orcs. (The idea that he used magic for this is merely theoretical – it is never directly claimed.)
  • Feats of incredible magical potency. If his spell notes are any indication, he was – and is, if still alive, probably the worlds foremost mage.


Myar Ellithen

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