Tirian Long


Tirian stands at 6’ tall, with raven black hair which falls to the middle of his back and slate gray eyes. His skin is pale for a human – bloodless – and his smile, ever-present, puts on display a pair of unmistakable fangs which can not help but give his confident, playful grin a sinister undertone, regardless of how sweet his words may be.

Every time he has been seen, Tirian has been wearing the clothing of high-nobility, outdated by about 200 years. He wears his hair straight and neatly brushed – an outdated symbol of stature (in the past, only the richest men could afford the luxury of maintaining long hair – poorer men resorted to more utilitarian styles designed not to impede manual labor). Completing the outfit, however, are the adornments: a thin fencing sword on his left hip with an immaculately detailed pommel, a ruby signet ring on his left hand, the detailed, blood-red stitching which outlines both his black leather elbow-length gloves and knee-high boots. Around his neck, a thin silver chain with a teardrop shaped ruby – reminiscent of a drop of blood escaping his throat.

While it is not immediately obvious, a careful observer will notice that there is something “off” about Tirian’s presence in a room – his shadow. Sometimes he doesn’t have one at all… sometimes it seems to be out of line with the light… and sometimes, rarely, it seems to move around all on its own – as if an independent creature with its own thoughts and motivations – oblivious to or unconcerned with Tirian’s actions.

Known Powers:
  • Some kind of power over shadows. He seems to be able to move physical objects through the darkness via some sort of portal magic.

Tirian is estimated as being at least 275 years old, as he is reported to have been in operation during the orc-skirmishes. During that time, he was the leader of a vicious group of highly mobile, incredibly stealthy mercenaries reported to only operate at night. Wanted by the military of Ael Llaen as well as the Therian Company, neither Tirian nor any of his men were ever caught – and over time, they became the stuff of myth – a rumor never confirmed.

More recently, Tirian has been reported to be the leader of the Coven of the Black Rose. His communication seems to be based around an interest in the shifting ley lines (the un-anchoring of which he seems to claim responsibility for), and the securing of a convergence – centered in the ruins of what was once Briarville.

Tirian Long

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