Torvald Kerrigan


Standing only 5’7” tall, Torvald is built like a predatory cat – with thick, lithe muscles that seem to ripple visibly beneath his clothing, no matter how thick. His hair is short and black, and his skin darkly tanned. Deep blue eyes seem to constantly be scanning his surroundings – not out of fear or nervousness, but out of cool, controlled awareness.

His hands and forearms have a myriad of apparently very old scars covering them, of unknown origin.

Torvald was last seen wearing a full suit of black leather armor over tight black clothing, with a long black cloak – leaving only his face exposed. He carries himself with a predatory grace that commands respect, and gives off the unwavering air of someone who should never be taken lightly.

He is known throughout the school as being a serious student – driven and dedicated. He has completed his 7th year of training, and as the most senior security trainee, he is on-track for a professorship, should he desire it.


Torvald was rescued by the party along with Tybald Eckhardt’s group. He was badly beaten, but seemed intensely capable and present-of-mind.

Throughout the short time he was with the party, Torvald was dedicated to the idea of getting the party to safety and then waging some kind of war on whoever attacked the school – either with or without anyone else’s help. He is the only member of Tybald Eckhardt’s party who does not simply bow to their leader’s decisions. Regardless, Tybald seems to respect him, even though they rarely see eye to eye.

Demonstrated Skills:

  • Medical knowledge sufficient to set broken bones, reset dislocated joints, bandage serious injuries and even perform minor surgery.
  • Incredible two-handed proficiency with swords and daggers (both wielded and thrown).
  • Considerable tracking ability.
  • Considerable stealth ability.

Last Seen:

At the Therian Academy. He returned with Denise Sinclaire, who he apparently tracked down after she was captured and subsequently escaped from the orcish tribes during the razing of Briarville.

Torvald Kerrigan

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