(RIP) Triana Everglade



Triana was found dead in her home in the Border Woods. She was pale and had bruises on her arms and neck.

Her magic staff was destroyed by Shanris – its crystal fed to the Dragon. The party buried her near her home.


Curvacious even for a human, Triana is not built like a typical elf. Her hair is light blonde, with a slightly greenish tint, and seems to constantly have small, flourishing leaves in it. Her eyes are deep brown, and have a slightly otherworldly quality to them.

She wears nicely fitted clothes, which appear to be made of some kind of plant matter, and which do nothing to hide her shapely body. One almost gets the impression that her clothes are actually some kind of living plant which is growing in-place on her body.

The only weapon she seems to carry is a long, slightly gnarled staff with a large green crystal affixed to it’s tip. The crystal appears to contain some kind of slowly moving green mist, which almost forms shapes at times, but never quite solidly enough for recognition.

Even with her slightly otherworldly qualities, Triana is a stunningly beautiful woman. (Appearance 5)


Title: Warden of the Glade

Appears to be a close friend, or perhaps more, of Deidrick Barrister

Triana was the first person outside the school to lend any significant assistance to the party following the attacks. She seems to have intimate knowledge of the school, it’s operations and even it’s interior, but refuses to leave her woods for any reason.

She has given the party valuable information and magical assistance, and seems to have a great deal of power in her own right.

Triana was first contacted using a communication ring which the party found in Deidrick Barrister’s desk, in a small case, which also contained a note and a small bottle. While the party has lost these items, Triana should still have her communication ring.

Demonstrated Abilities:

  • Creation of magical portals which can transport people en masse across vast distances instantly.
  • Control over plants of sufficient strength to hold down an angry troll with no concentration.
  • Ability to communicate with animals. She seems intimately familiar with many – or all – of the animals within “her section” of the woods.
  • Scrying powers capable of locating anyone for whom she has an item of appropriate personal significance.

(RIP) Triana Everglade

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