Tybald Eckhardt


Tybald is an imposing figure, standing at 6’2” with the obviously well-muscled body of a trained and seasoned fighter. Coming from a long line of kingdom nobility, he has the signature jet-black hair, sapphire eyes and squared jaw of his lineage. (Appearance 3, Strength 4)

When travelling, Tybald wears a suit of finely crafted half-plate, bearing his family’s crest – a golden-etched lion, rearing back on it’s hind legs, with eagle’s wings. On his left arm, he carries a massive kite shield, which bears the crest as well, and in his right hand he wields a heavy hand-and-a-half hammer (the size of a horseman’s mace). His back is adorned with the school cloak, bearing the trademark insignia (the stylized TA, indicative of the “Therian Academy”).


Tybald seems somewhat sullen – and withdrawn. Though he is slowly recovering his personable, outgoing affect, those who know him well see him as inwardly focused and deeply thoughtful. When he thinks nobody is watching, he often comes off as slightly depressed, and seems deep in thought – which he hides immediately upon the start of conversation.


Title: Baron Tybald Eckhardt

Older brother of Percy, eldest son of Argyle and Elspetina Eckhardt. Usually found with Dastyl Gondyyr.

Tybald was rescued by his brother Percy and the other party members after his party had been captured and tortured in an underground cave in the woods north of the city. He had suffered a broken leg and some crushed ribs, as well as severe whip-marks on his back. Had he been a lesser man, the amount of abuse he received might have killed him.

It is unclear whether Tybald has fully recovered mentally from his ordeal. Regardless, he is doing what he feels is his duty, and trying to rescue those others who are in danger.

Known Powers:

  • Incredible strength. In half-plate, with a kite shield, after weeks on the road he can still swing a 15-pound hammer one-handed hard enough to send a 6’ orc flying through the air.
  • Healing power. Once per day, Tybald seems to have the ability to cast a powerful restorative spell.
  • Tireless. Tybald seems to have reserves of strength and stamina which most men couldn’t dream of.
  • Inspiration. His mere presence is enough to make most men feel bolder, and his orders seem to carry a weight which has nothing to do with their actual words.

Tybald Eckhardt

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