Captain Vistelle Ihlestrielle


An attractive human woman of average height, with shoulder-length straight blonde hair and deep blue eyes. The party has never seen her in anything other than her official uniform – which consists of form-fitted black leather armor that covers every inch of her skin, including a high neck. Peeking from the sides of her collar are the ends of what appears to be a brutal, jagged scar that extends nearly from ear to ear across her throat. Likely because of this wound, she speaks in a coarse whisper at all times.

Over her armor, she wears a long, dark cloak that nearly drags the floor – trimmed in blood red and gold – as well as a tabard of the same colors, marking her rank and position within the Algorian military as “Captain”. Her lack of branch or unit insignia stands out to anyone with knowledge of the military.

The three notable badges which she wears are as follows:
  • Expert Field Medical Badge (Combat Surgeon)
  • Forward Scout’s Medal (Skyguard)
  • a small, golden lute – which is not a military medal

Captain Vistelle Ihlestrielle

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