Tag: Coven of the Black Rose


  • (RIP) Korlic

    The first member of the Coven of the Black Rose that the party encountered face-to-face, Korlic's zombies first weakened the PCs with a direct attack - doing considerable damage. As the last party member (

    (RIP) Erdyyl Darkorian

    The second member of the Coven of the Black Rose that the party has come face-to-face with, Erdyyl has displayed significant levels of magical control - including: * Alteration of solid stone hallways, making them lead in circles or to specific …

  • Lorelei Olaen

    Presumed to be a member of the Coven of the Black Rose. [[:ellon-grath]] supposedly heard a conversation between two coven members, one of whom referred to the other as "Lorelei." [[:hezia-eddings]] informed the party that there was a former …

  • Tirian Long

    Tirian is estimated as being at least 275 years old, as he is reported to have been in operation during the orc-skirmishes. During that time, he was the leader of a vicious group of highly mobile, incredibly stealthy mercenaries reported to only operate …

  • Y'thrian R'lek

    Apparently a powerful scryer, Y'thrian appears to have accompanied Tirian and Elspeth to Briarville - where he has offered his services to the King. What services those are seems to still be a bit unknown, but they include scrying and perhaps more?