Importance: Algoria is the capital of The Empire of the Sun

Capital City: Astrakhan

Population: Approximately 40,000

Race %
Human 86%
Elf 11%
Dwarf 2%
Other 1%

Algoria has historically been a primarily human-populated land, despite being bordered on 3 sides by primarily non-human lands.

The region’s nearest neighbors are:

  • North: Ael Llaen, the Elven homeland (separated from Algoria by the Aellaeon Woods
  • North West: Krom Dorek, the Dwarven stronghold
  • West: Bellath, a rocky land populated mostly by gnomes and halflings

In addition to it’s three land-locked neighbors, Algoria’s entire Eastern side runs along the Gulf of Aden.


The nobility of Algoria is divided into three main lines, all of which trace their ancestry back to a single, common ancestor, High-King Endelron I. For more information on the splitting of the bloodlines, see the following articles:


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