Corellan Royal Line

Physical Features

All full-blooded members of the Corellan lineage have straight, jet-black hair and piercing sapphire eyes.

Males tend to have a prominent, squared jaw, broad shoulders, and find it natural to develop thick, muscular builds. It is not uncommon for male Corellians to grow as tall as 6’4” and weigh as much as 280lbs or more, with very low body-fat composition.

Females tend to be slender and curvacious, though they too have an easy time developing strong, thick muscles with only a modicum of effort. However, most Corellan women have no need or desire for such work, and therefore tend toward slight, dainty builds and lithe, toned musculature.

Political Power

The Corellan Line has been on the throne of Algoria without interruption for the past 200 years. This is due in part to the fact that the Corellian nobles have an expansive hold on various prestigious titles and lands throughout the kingdom, a fact that is circularly due to their reign.

While the Corellan Line is currently in charge, and likely to remain so for some time, there is no love lost between them and the other two lineages, the Estorians and the Oraens, both of whom would rather see their own kin at the top positions, and both of whom are vying for power (unsuccessfully, for the moment) throughout the country.

Notable Corellians

  • King Endelron I: the current ruler of Algoria
  • Prince Etan: the older of King Endelron’s two younger brothers, and 1st in line for the throne
  • Prince Astor: the younger of King Endelron’s two younger brothers, and 2nd in line for the throne

Party-Specific Important Corellians:

1 Percy and Tybald Eckhardt’s parents.

Corellan Royal Line

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