Empire of the Sun


The Empire of the Sun is ruled by High-Emperor Phaedreon, the Conqueror.

The Ruled Kingdoms

The Empire of the Sun is comprised of 7 “Kingdoms” – which are technically referred to as “Empirettes.” Each of these has it’s own ruler, referred to as an “Emperion”, which is a figurehead ruler for the Empirette. In some cases these Empirions are groups rather than individuals – but their function remains the same.

  1. Collect Taxes
  2. Pay Tribute to the Empire
  3. Enforce the Empire’s Laws
  4. Defend the Empire’s Lands

The seven current Empirettes within the Empire are:

# Empirette Emperion Capital City
1 Algoria King Erickus IV Astrakhan
2 Bellath Warchief Galleus Belaria
3 The Commonlands The Council of Nine None Official
4 Hillia The Iron Brotherhood Ellesar / Krondhelm
5 The Kingdom of Hispatia Cedric XVII Hispatia
6 The Koren Islands Honored Seer Q’in D’alar Mor’Alan Island
7 Tizia Lliowaen Ihlaeren Tal Seer’a

The Conquest

The First of Many

High-Emperor Phaedreon has been moving from one land to another for nearly 20 years now, conquering his neighbors and subjugating them as part of the empire.

The conquest started some 25 years ago with The Koren Islands, which were taken after a 5-year mixed campaign of boat-seiges and open land warfare. Despite many pleads for aid, the rest of the region did not involve themselves in this fight (as the islands were never really “allies”), and in M2Q of the year 674, at sword-point, Arem D’alar relinquished official control of all 27 islands. As he spoke the final words in front of his family and his people, Phaedreon thrust his sword into Arem’s heart. The crowd gasped, and watched as their beloved ruler fell dead, his life-blood pouring out onto the floor of the Most Honored Place, and his killer calmly handed the sword to a lieutenant and faced them, proclaiming himself King.

Though the islanders feared his cruelty following what they began to refer to as “The Blackest Day” (the day of their leader’s public execution), “King” Phaedreon surprised them a short time later by announcing that he would appoint Arem’s son, Q’in D’alar, then a mere 12 years old, as the new “Emperion” of the islands, and would merely supervise his reign. Honored Seer Q’in D’alar has kept the Most Honored Seat (the Koren throne) ever since, and is believed in some circles to have actually become friends with the emperor – though this rumor is unconfirmed.

Greater Victories

Less than a year after the fall of the islands, now “High-King” Phaedreon had rebuilt his army, repaired his ships, and was ready to set sail – which he did, in mid-675M3B (the 3rd Month of Browning), headed for The Port of Hispatia. Having tightly controlled communications and trade in and out of the islands since their capture, Phaedreon took the Hispatians completely by surprise, sacking the mighty port town within 3 days, and reinforcing her defenses before any of the her neighbors could arrive to assist.

Within 2 weeks, General Kronin of Bellath had surrounded the city with his armies, and lay seige for nearly a year. Despite their repeated efforts, and small garrisons of support from several neighboring countries as well, the high walls of Hispatia proved impregnable, and the port-side of the city an easy delivery point for critical supplies from the Islands. Several attempts were made to stop these supply runs of course, but Phaedreon’s sailors were the more seasoned fighters, and his frigates were far more maneuverable than the freighters and galleys of the mainlanders.

On 676M1B35, Phaedreon’s troops, who had quietly landed a few weeks before and made a long circle overland, came up from General Kronin’s rear flank, and, signalling the troops within the city via horn-call, Phaedreon’s forces attacked the sleepy and unprepared Bellatian army an hour before dawn from both sides. In the ensuing massacre, over 80% of Kronin’s army was slaughtered, despite outnumbering their opponents 6-to-1. In the end, Kronin himself was brought before Phaedreon and held at sword-point. The would-be-emperor demanded his surrender, and that of his people. When Kronin refused, he was stabbed through the heart in front of his men, who, incredibly loyal, were executed en masse rather than joining their captors’ numbers.

The Continuing Struggle

Throughout the next 16 years, Phaedreon’s armies continued to move from land to land, conquering and taking each of their neighbors. After Hispatia, the self-proclaimed High-Emperor Phaedreon next captured Bellath, and then Tizia. The most difficult battle was that with the Commonlands, which, having no true central leadership, was a war of constant skirmishes with the over 100 tribes of the region. This open conflict lasted nearly 10 years, during which time several of the larger tribes made pacts with the hill giants to their west. To this day, the empire still has just enough ground to maintain a tenuous hold, and is heavily garrisoned against attack. The empire has a standing kill on sight order for any hill giant seen within her borders.

As the Empire’s hold on the Commonlands became ever stronger, the High-Emperor again set his sights on new acquisitions, and with troops seasoned through years of battle and training, he quickly marched through Hillia and finally set his sights on Algoria.

The Present

The Empire has held Algoria for over 2 years now, and the Emperor has made his home in her famous Palace of Lights, much to the chagrin of King Erickus IV, who has been relegated to one wing of his own palace, along with his family.

King Erickus IV is, however, the only ruler whose land the Empire has taken who has not been executed, and some see this as perhaps a softening of the Emperor’s lust for conquest. Then again, it could be due to Algoria’s peaceful surrender – making it also the only land for which Phaedreon has not had to fight.

For the time being, the armies of the Empire are occupied in trying again to secure the Commonlands, and the occupation of Algoria has brought little change to the people of her land.

The Future

It is widely debated whether Phaedreon will move on to another land in the next few years. He is in his mid-50’s now, and years of war are beginning to show in the lines and creases of his face.

If the Empire is to expand again, the general consensus is that the push would be Northward, into the elven kingdom of Ael Llaen. The elves, however, have maintained steady trade – and war relief – to each of the nearby kingdoms which have been annexed thusfar, and traders report that they are well prepared for any such attempt on their sovreignity. For the time being, peace is holding steady but tenuous, as the Algorian troops (who would surely take the brunt of the casualties) fear a preemptive strike should any open acts of hostility be made, and the elves have been very guarded in their communications over the past year, though trade has continued steadily.

The other widely discussed option would be an assault on the dwarves at their stronghold in Krom Dorek, high in the NorthWestern mountains bordering Algoria. While Ael Llaen and Algoria have historically had very open trade, Krom Dorek has focused inward, and is not nearly so open to external interference. What kind of force the dwarves may control is a subject of broad speculation, but so is the amount of riches such a conquest might yield.

In the end, whether the Emperor will expand again at all is the most debated question, and most likely, only time will tell.

Empire of the Sun

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