Estor Royal Line

Physical Features

All full-blooded members of the Estor lineage have dazzlingly vibrant emerald-colored eyes and slightly pointed noses. Their skin tends to be somewhat pale, as they don’t tan easily, and all have naturally curly medium-to-dark brown hair.

Males tend to have lithe, boyish figures, to the point that even those who are muscular come off as more toned than bulky. As a result of their slightly androgenous build and graceful features, it is rare for any full-blooded Estorian male to have an appearance of less than 4.

Females tend to be slender and thin in build, with girlish curves and cascading chocolate curls. Estorian ladies tend to be especially fair of skin, and freckle easily – a feature which they take particular pride in, but great care to avoid exascerbating. It is unheard of for any full-blooded Estorian woman to have an appearance less than 4, with the majority pushing close to or even attaining 5.

Political Power

The Estor Line was on the throne of Algoria for nearly 300 years prior to being ousted by the Corellians in a political coup which is still talked about in hushed whispers some 200 years later. While no living members of the Estorian family were alive at the time of the overthrow, there is a good deal of resentment in the face of so much loss in the form of lands, titles, and prosperity.

As an effort to soothe the potential hostility, the Corellian family has taken great pains to ensure that many key positions in Algoria’s political system are held by Estorian nobles, thus allowing them just enough prosperity to avoid open conflict – so far.

As far as the Estorians are concerned, the Oraen Royal Line is mostly an afterthought.

Notable Estorians

Party-Specific Important Estorians:

  • Ellon Grath: While unsubstantiated, it is rumored that Ellon may be of Estorian descent.

Estor Royal Line

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