Jangolode Mine

The name “Jangolode Mine” refers both to the silver mine itself and to the small mining shanty-town which sits just outside its main entrance.

The mine is highly productive, and has been in constant operation for nearly 75 years. At its highest count, the mine and it’s associated shanty employed and housed over 85 workers, and had 3 full-time cooks, an in-town priest and a rotation of 2 criss-crossing supply wagons to keep the miners needs well taken-care-of.

The mine itself has been passed down through 3 generations of the Jangolode family, which is probably the oldest half-dwarven family in the region. In the past 10 years or so, the family’s actual contribution to the work load has decreased to only about 10% of the work force, most of which are distant Jangolode cousins.

Last Known Status

The town and associated mine appears to have been torn apart by some kind of ferocious monster. There were no survivors found after the attack. According to Erdyyl, the attack was caused by a particularly vile demon who the drow had contained deep beneath the mountain.

“The greed of the dwarves caused them to dig too deeply… they never were known for their caution or planning in the face of sparkling riches.”—Erdyyl

The town itself was consecrated as much as was available by the party, and buildings burned down around the remains of the miners at the insistence of Angelique Idaria, as burial was not an option due to several feet of snow and frozen ground.

Jangolode Mine

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