Oraen Royal Line

Physical Features

All full-blooded members of the Oraen lineage have wavy, dark red-brown hair and mix-colored eyes; one emerald green and one sapphire blue. Their skin tends to be lightly complected, though they do not easily burn or freckle. Oraenians of both genders tend to have wide, almost sparkling smiles and full lips.

Male Oraenians tend to have deep smile lines at the corners of their mouths and well-proportioned, athletically built bodies. While it is rare for an Oraenian male to be over 6’ in height, their average Strength tends to range between 3 and 4, with an occasional 5 being uncommon, but not rare.

Female Oraenians tend to be athletically built, but curvacious, with ample bosoms and narrow hips. Unlike most of the ladies of the other royal lines, Oraenian females tend to enjoy exercise, and it is very common for young noble girls to study horseback riding, dancing, and even fencing.

Political Power

The Oraen Line has only ever held the throne of Algoria for a total of 3 years and 8 months, beginning with the death of King Endelron I, and lasting until his eldest son, Esto, was of sufficient age to take the crown.

Notably, many scholars maintain that this period does not actually constitute Oraen rulership at all. It was King Endelron I’s first wife, Anariel, who actually ruled, and while as Prince Oraen’s mother she is considered the matriarch of the Oraen line, she is not a member of his descendancy. Regardless, the argument is one of technicality. As King Endelron’s youngest son, Oraen’s lineage has never since that time had any truly legitimate opportunity for a claim on the throne.

Regardless, it is widely rumored by those interested in such things that there is a mounting unrest among certain influential Oraenians following King Erickus IV’s peaceful surrender to Emperor Phaedron and the Empire of the Sun. While mostly unsubstantiated speculation, the sudden interest of several notable Oraenian nobles at court has sparked much debate over the family’s political intent.

Notable Corellians

  • Duke Aeryck Phillipus: Duke of the Southern Span, and controller of most trade in and out of Algoria’s Southern border.
  • Countess Ellest Manillus: Ambassador to Hispatia, she has great influence, though no official control, over nearly 60% of Algoria’s sea-bound trade, which filters through the Port of Hispatia

Party-Specific Important Corellians:

None at this time

Oraen Royal Line

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