The Green Dragon Inn

An inn in Astrakhan which has a standing arrangement with the Therian Academy.

Therian Academy Special

Students wishing to stay at the Inn need only pay 1gp per night per room. This fee includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a hot bath (only on request). In addition, the weekly rate is only 5gp, and all of the above accommodations still apply.

In the event that a school official pre-arranges the stay, this fee can be added to the school’s tab, which is paid in full once per year by the Academy itself. Otherwise, all payment is due up-front before a room is issued, and is considered non-refundable.


The Green Dragon Inn is located on the Northern edge of Astrakhan’s main square, three shops West of North Road.


The Green Dragon Inn’s main level is a somewhat upscale tavern, which is populated throughout the day by the upper eschelon of young socialites. Moderately wealthy 20-somethings are the average clientelle, with the occasional older or younger guest being uncommon, but not rare.

The main floor is typically full of lively conversation, drinking, and gambling games. Additionally, good food is served until the early morning hours on most nights. Since most of the clientelle is too wealthy to need to work, the Inn is open late to accomodate, and continues to serve drinks long after the kitchen is closed.

Note: The bartender is known to quietly give complimentary rooms to particularly notable or embarrassingly drunk patrons rather than letting them stumble home and embarrass themselves.

Party Significance

The Green Dragon Inn is the current home of Isobel Ferrina, Allanha Silvermoon, Alodar Silvermoon, and Ellon Grath.

The Green Dragon Inn

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