Therian Academy


The Therian Academy is physically located in the city of Haleon, which is at the intersection of the King’s Road and the Aellaeon Woods, at the Northern edge of Algoria.

Official Insignia and Equipment

The official insignia of the Therian Academy is a golden, stylized TA on a black background, as shown to the right.

This symbol is most commonly seen on the academy’s officially sanctioned equipment, such as:



Top Leadership:

  • Headmaster: Deidrick Barrister
  • Headmaster’s Advisory Council: Jonas Andres, Ignacius Allistaire, Todd Gallens
  • Head of Security: Jonas Andres
  • Head of External Affairs: Ignacius Allistaire
  • Head of Student Affairs: Todd Gallens

Senior Faculty:

Student Faculty:

  • Head of the Welcome Committee: Denise Sinclaire
  • Head Librarian: Elmeric Gandywine

Therian Academy

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