A short, slender goblin, Fizzywik has the light green skin and somewhat beady eyes common to his race. Long, pointy ears stick out from the sides of his head, and a pair of miniature glasses rest atop his oversized nose whenever he is reading.

Wearing sturdy travel clothes, Fizzywik tends toward the softer cloths for his adornments. A cloak made of satin – rare among the Goblins – velvet undergarments exposed through the gaps in his leathery overgarments… Fizzywik is clearly a goblin with some amount of money, and an appreciation for the finer things which it can acquire.


Fizzywik is a member of the “Beehive Clan” – which appears to be a trading organization among the orcs. Through him, the Therian Company has been able to acquire great amounts of food-stuffs to supply the organization. These goods come at a hefty price, of course, but the trade agreement demonstrates that the Beehive Clan has an apparent capability to arrange and transport large amounts of product over long distances with short notice… a significant feat even among the trading houses of the humans.


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