Prophet Gromgol


An older orc, with graying hair and leathery, grey-green skin. Prophet Gromgol’s eyes are deep and thoughtful – and like most members of his tribe, his tusks are filed flat at the ends – a symbol of their devotion to peace and brotherhood.

While the Prophet wears no gaudy or luxurious clothing or jewelry, his simple garb is finely crafted. A chest-piece crafted of finely preserved humanoid ribs covers his front from neck to mid-belly, his cloak crafted from the hide of a white tiger – the skull of which forms his headpiece, small bone tassles which dangle from various parts of his tawny leather undergarments – and a staff, as tall as he is, from which dangle a number of small bones and beads.


Prophet Gromgol has demonstrated several times a devotion to peace. He seems genuinely concerned with the spiritual wellbeing of the orcish nation as a whole – a wellbeing which seems, in his mind, to be closely tied to peace and brotherhood among the tribes and perhaps even the humanoid races.

Very willing to boldly refute or even chastise other orcs who don’t live up to his spiritual expectations – he has gone so far as to actually scold Chief Kortok of the Fur-Claw Tribe... an act which is no small feat of courage.

The Prophet appears to have the ear of at least the most powerful of the other orcish tribes, and has been instrumental in helping the party open lines of communication and negotiation.

Prophet Gromgol

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