Lord Percival Eckhardt


Percy (Percival Eckhardt) is the younger brother of Lord Tybald Eckhardt, and the second son of Argyle and Elspetina Eckhardt.

Percy came to the Therian Academy at the age of seventeen to become a first year student. Although of noble birth, with the attendant family obligations of being the second son of a noblewoman, and viewing his enrollment more as a banishment, Percy had certain abilities that necessitated specialized training. Specifically, Percy had the uncontrolled ability to read others’ thoughts and auras, and even influence their minds. After certain unwitting (and quickly hushed up) uses of this ability as a child, Percy mostly stifled his abilities. Believing that Percy needed to understand his abilities better, and learn how to control them, his parents sent him to the Academy where his brother had been for several years. Unbeknownst to them, the academy had come under attack, and events were about to occur that would both destroy the academy and have far reaching effects on the kingdom and beyond. Finding his brother missing and possibly in grave danger, Percy had little choice but to help muster what few resources he and a few other first year students could find and investigate.

Although Percy and his fellow students managed to rescue his brother Tybald, Tybald had experienced a terrible ordeal that had deeply changed him. Subsequently, Tybald unofficially relinquished his claim on the title of Baron, passing it to his younger brother. Finding the events surrounding the recent attacks on the academy to be even more complicated than originally thought, and to have huge implications for his kingdom, Percy has accepted the title of Baron and used it to aid in his investigations and attempts to incite action. Unfortunately, he fears it may already be too late to avoid a disaster.


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